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Why choose a Scribe Whiteboard Animation to be known by the people?
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The VideoScribe animated videos help increase the conversion rates by 60%

VideoScribe Animation as a Marketing Tool

A Scribe Whiteboard Animation Video is a dynamic and interactive method of presenting your product to your audience with the use of movement and motion, texts, videos, music, and images. It is better than other forms of product communication as it reels in viewers more because of its aesthetic appeal. Unlike posters, however, video animations or scribe whiteboard are not static - they move, engage, and fascinate viewers with its whimsical appeal.

Whiteboard Animation Video

Superiority of Whiteboard Animation

Video Scribe

The use of videoscribe animation or whiteboard video are advisable for companies because according to recent studies, people retain more information, are incentivized to stay and listen to the rest of the pitch, and are more likely to buy and understand what the product is all about when they watch videos. Here at Your Videoscribe, we focus on rendering our services with the use of one of the most effective kinds if video scribe animation: Whiteboard animation.

Our Specialty: VideoScribe Animation


We started using video scribe animation only recently and thanks to them we have multiplied the conversion rate in a short time. For us, they are a great tool for communicating in a direct and clear way.

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Some Example

The scribe whiteboard animation makes use of the classic and animated writing-on-the-whiteboard method in explaining and pitching products and services. Right now, it is one of the most famous kind of video scribe animation because it does not just look clean and professional, but it can also produce advertisements that bring out excitement and enthusiasm from its viewers.

Since it is more engaging than other kinds of video animations, audiences are more likely to finish the whole video. Doing so will make it easier for them to understand the intricacies of your products or services in a simpler, but grander way. The way whiteboard animations are produced makes it so that it piques the curiosity of your viewers about your product, which leads them to research more about you and your cause.

With the use of Whiteboard Animation, you do not just gain an increased amount of audience and customers. You also reach a new height in marketing which has not be traversed by most.


  • Text supplied
  • Stock images
  • Logo
  • Call to action
  • Video supplied in HD (.mov, .mp4, .flv)
  • Release for commercial purposes

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  • Text and conception
  • Voice and music
  • Storyboard and illustrations
  • Editing and shot
  • Logo and call to action
  • Video supplied in HD (.mov, .mp4, .flv)
  • SEO + YouTube...
  • Release for commercial purposes
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