Our Animation Video for Business!

Here in YourVideoScribe, we fully understand how crucial it is for customers who are trying to promote their business or product to have the best explainer video scribe to show to their potential clients. There are so many horror stories of clients being disappointed by companies they hire. It is always the same story of the company's representatives drowning potential customers with sweet talk and false promises when it comes to the quality of services they provide.

As such, we focus on improving ourselves in this craft every day, so that we produce nothing but outstanding explainer videos in all the projects that we take. We make sure that our team in YourVideoScribe and the client fully discuss every small detail of the project. Always, we want to make sure that we are on the same page before we commence work.

Need more proof? Check out our videoscribe examples!

Are you still not convinced with what our company can do for you? As the old saying goes, "To see is to believe". Take a look at our animation video examples and indulge in the collection of explainer Animated Business Videos YourVideoScribe has done. By the time you get to the last whiteboard video, you will surely be looking forward to working with us.

Professional Voice Over

For your Animated Business Videos we can provide a professional voice over service. Our voices actors will improve the quality of your video scribe. Here below you will find a couple of examples ... Listen up!

English Version

Italian Version

Other available options:

  • More than 1 minute

    Sometime you need to create a video scribe longer than 1 minute. Our offer refers to a video of 1 minute. We foresee a tolerance of 10 seconds. For the Video Scribe up to 4 minutes or for a short video serie, we will make a quotation for you with a personalized price. Ask us a quotation.

  • White-Label

    On the final frame we insert our sign “made by © 2015 yourvideoscribe.com” and the name of the artists who created the video scribe. This promotion allow us to keep the prices lower than others.

  • Urgent. Less than 15 days

    Normally we need 4 weeks to make one animated video scribe, from the first draft to the final consignment. If you need the video in less than 15 days, we can do it organizing all the artists in order to speed up the creation.

  • Very urgent less than 7 days

    Same matter but in less than 7 days… Some artists will work only for you.

  • Very Very Very urgent for Yesterday

    Work in Progress… 😉

  • Extra voice

    Sometime you could require dialogues on animated video presentations.
    Also in the case of multi languages version it is necessary to use extra voices from different nationality.

  • Multi-language

    It’s easy to duplicate your video in other languages (English, Italian, German, Russian…). It’s enough insert it on the story board.

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